Simple But Beautiful Makeup in 5 Minutes

Just imagine the time we spend in front of the mirror in applying our makeup. It is longer than it takes us to take a bath. So is it doomsday if we are on a hurry and have limited time to spend in front of the mirror? The answer is no. If you will be just a little more systematic and organized, a woman can still get that perfect makeup look in as short as five minutes in front of the mirror. Read on to know how to makeup in five minutes.

After taking a bath, apply some moisturizer on your face. It is advisable before putting on foundation. Leave it on your face for sometime or for a minute so your skin will have enough time to absorb the moisturizer. While doing so, ready all your makeup that you need to avoid wasting time looking for this and that. So prepare your foundation, sponge or foundation brush, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, sharpened brow pencil, lipstick, lip brush, loose powder, powder blushes, and blush-on brush.

First, apply the foundation and blend it on your face using a sponge or a foundation brush. New tips on how to makeup suggest to use a foundation brush, which allows great coverage minus the sponge marks.

Next, focus on your eyes. Lightly apply your favorite eye shadow then apply eyeliner. Just follow the shape of the eyes since you only have limited time. Just concentrate on the outer corners to avoid messy application. Finally, apply mascara on the tips of your eyelashes.

If needed, apply some small strokes of brow pencil to give color or shape in to your eyebrows. Then move your focus into your lips and apply color on it. However, instead of directly applying the lipstick into your luscious lips, better use a lip brush to spread the color evenly in your lips with less time.

Put some blush-on afterwards and gently apply some loose powder on your nose and t-zone. Finally, go for a quick final check in the mirror to see if you need to add a little color in some parts of your face.

This quick five-minute how to makeup guide will do in going to work and even on special holiday events that you can call a makeup magic.

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